Rosactive Skin Care

Rosactive skin care from Italy is said to be the new generation of skin care. Rosactive integrate different products in different combinations to treat various issues in the skin at once [cocktail therapy]. So for every client they allow the therapist to tailor make a treatment plan to combat their specific skin’s problems. Rosactive consists of the highest grade of Phytoceuticals ingredients, Rosactive mets the high standards of the International Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists in Italy.

What to look for in a good skin care product:

  • The formula contains active ingredients with proven pharmaceutical properties
  • Products have maximum concentration of active ingredients
  • Natural active agents which are pharmaceutical in origin have been used
  • Low molecular weight for effective absorption into skin cells
  • In vitro and clinical tests prove the biological action
  • Products have been subjected to allergy testing
  • Both pharmaceutical and therapeutic principles have been combined

That is why Rosactive is used by doctors, dermatologists and professional beauty therapists and is found in over 40 countries around the world.

By working on a cellular level, Rosactive treatments will improve the health of the cells in the skin by improving moisture retention, reduce elastin and collagen breakdown, strengthens the skin’s immune system and reduces the aging process.

Rosactive treatments are provided in conjunction with patented ultrasound technology combined with gentle ionised serums, creams and masks which increases the penetration of the Rosactive active ingredients into the skin. These techniques are totally painless giving a mild “tickling” sensation. These treatments are beneficial to all skin types, conditions and ages. Best results are achieved by having two treatments once per week for four weeks.

The treatments offered have been designed to improve different skin conditions for the diverse range of skin types. Please feel free to discuss your needs with me so that I can design a Rosactive programme specifically suited for your skin’s needs and your lifestyle.

All Rosactive treatments include a complimentary Eyebrow tidy-up and a complimentary 10 element deep-cleansing treatment is offered after a prescribed course of 6 treatments.

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