Post Treatment Care Instructions

Post-Care following Electrolysis/Thermolysis:

  1. Do not touch the treated area with your fingers following your treatment.
  2.  Do not use gritty exfoliants over the treated area until you have checked with your therapist.
  3. Do not use foundations or make-up over the treated area for five hours following your treatment.
  4. Do not use hot tubs, steam rooms or saunas.
  5. Do not go swimming in public pools.
  6. Do not participate in activities that would cause excessive perspiration.
  7. Do not use sunbeds or go sun bathing and expose the treated area to U.V. Always use your sun block.
  8. Do your normal skin care routine using the same amount of friction with your face cloth and towel.
  9. Do not direct a hair dryer onto the treated area.
  10. It is not unusual for a small  pimple to appear sometimes. These will usually wash away when in the shower or you wash your face.


 Post Care Following Waxing Treatments

  1. If showering the same day as your leg wax, test the temperature of the water on the skin then allow the water to trickle onto the waxed area. Waxed skin will be more temperature sensitive and you could risk a burn so caution is advised.
  2. No make up for five hours after facial waxing.
  3. Follow normal skin care routine at night e.g. cleanse, tone, moisturise. Avoid gritty facial scrubs.
  4. Apply sun block if  waxing treatment has been carried out in the morning and you will be outside during the day.
  5. Don’t use lufas, body scrubs or coarse exfoliants on the skin for forty eight hours.
  6. Body oils/moisturisers can be applied the following day.
  7. Use the same amount of friction when drying with the towel or face cloth.
  8. No sunbathing or sun beds as you will be prone to sun burn and over exposure to U.V which would simulate the aging process and contribute to skin cancer.
  9. If gardening make sure you wear trousers as the follicles and skin are sensitive to bacteria and fungal infections from the soil.
  10. Avoid excessive sweating, going to the gym, and using public pools as the skin will be vulnerable to infection.