Rosactive Treatments

Deep Cleanse Skin Treatment                                  90min     $130

This is a preparatory Rosactive skin  treatment, which establishes a foundation for the more advanced programmes.This broad spectrum treatment includes a two way cleanse, tone, exfoliation, hydration via the vaporzone, extractions where necessary, mask, tone and moisturiser.

 Rosactive Pure Line Acne Skin Treatment.               90mins    $130

Acne is the short term disorder of the oil gland. By using the Pure Acne treatments and home care products, the oil secretions are regulated, damaged dead skin cells are removed from the skin surface and follicles unbloked. The skin’s metabloism is stimulated so it can self heal and regulate, leaving an invigorated and refreshed skin. This treatment is ideal for acne, combination and congested skin types.

  Rosactive Dermafill SkinTreatment                             90mins     $130

One of the triggers of skin aging is dehydration. When the epidermis is unable to retain a consistent level of moisture then elastin and collagen starts to deteriorate in the deeper layers. The main active ingredient-Fucoplex helps to retain the moisture in the epidermis by imparting a high concentration of lipids, minerals, vitamins into the cell membrane, which helps to retain  the important moisture barrier in the skin. This helps reduce the early signs of ageing, by reducing the appearance of fine lines and slows the ageing process. This treatment is ideal for dehydrated, dull and/or dry sensitive skin.

   Rosactive Bioxygen Skin Treatment ;                        90 mins    $130

This skin treatment stimulates blood circulation. hydration and revitalises skin lacking in oxygen that looks tired and dull, often found with smokers, during menopause, times of stress or post surgery recovery.

Rosactive Biostem Skin  Treatment                               90min     $130

This treatment is ideal for the prematurely and environmentally damaged skin. The stem cells extracts from the Malus Domestica apple and Hibiscus extracts slow down the ageing process and helps stimulate the productions of collagen in the skin. A course of two treatments a week for four weeks is recommended for the best results and then one treatment a month.

 Rosactive Biomixyl Skin Treatment                              90min     $145

This treatment is ideal for the prematurely, environmentally, thin damaged skin. Here the nano molecular structures of the biomixyl extracts help penetrate deep in to the epidermis to strengthen the bonding mechanisms between the upper and lower layers of the skin structures.

Rosactive Skin Treatments

All of your skin  treatments include a complimentary eye brow tidy up and exfoliation to improve the efficacy of the active ingredients.

With Rosactive exfoilation we are simply speeding up the natural exfoliating process. The benefits of exfoliations are.-

  • rough skin and dead cells are removed, leaving the skin smooth and soft
  • the texture of the skin becomes finer and colour is more radiant and healthy
  • increases skin hydration
  • repairs damaged cells to maintain healthy skin
  • a light exfoliation removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin for penetration of active phytoceutical ingredients
  • the right exfoliant can help improve and maintain the pH of the skin

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