Hair Removal with Electrolysis / Thermolysis

Electrolysis / Thermolysis is the only method approved by both the USA Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and American Medical Association for permanent hair removal. Laser or IPL are not recognised by the FDA as permanent solutions.

Clients who feel self-conscious about superfluous hair now have the opportunity to have it removed, in a hygienic and safe manner.Electrolysis-closeup

Electrolysis / Thermolysis treatments can be applied to any part of the body, the most common areas being;

Lip & Chin, other facial areas                                   Under arms

Bikini lines, Navel and Pubic hair lines                    Fingers

A complimentary consultation is provided before each programme of treatment is determined.  During this consultation, the electrolysis/ thermolysis process is fully explained, your medical history will be discussed and a test treatment may be given.

Treatment Fees 

10 minutes     $27.50            30 minutes     $50.00

15 minutes     $32.50            45 minutes     $77.50

20 minutes     $38.50            60 minutes     $90.00

Treatment times will depend upon the sensitivity of the area being treated

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