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Julie Martin is a  Registered Beauty Therapist and Electrologist/Thermologist.

She is an expert in the field of skin treatments and permanent hair removal and has been practicing for over twenty years. Julie is both highly skilled in all technical aspects of skin therapy and electrolysis and continues to keep current with all the new and innovative trends, techniques, services and products available to beauty therapists today. She loves what she does, and her clients love the friendly rapport  and empathy as she makes them feel  relaxed and comfortable in her capable hands. The relationship that Julie creates with her clients, has earned her an enviable reputation and a long list of established clients that come from far and wide for her services.

I believe that being able to relate and connect with my clients is the most important part of the therapist/client relationship. By understanding my clients needs I can tailor make a treatment plan to fit their requirements. I am always honest with my clients and tell them what is realistically achievable”

Healthy skin is beautiful skin and this doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive if you understand  your clients’ wants, needs and lifestyle. With professional guidance through customised facials, a consistent, nourishing home-skincare routine and making healthy lifestyle choices, skin can be improved. I am incredibly passionate about my profession and I feel humbled by sharing my expertise with my amazing clients.

I am constantly seeking new innovations in skincare and continue my education through hands-on training courses throughout the year.My goal as your Therapist is to provide you with personal, customized and intelligent skin care so that you can feel confident and feel rest assured that you are in the best of hands. I work with each of my clients to create a unique plan designed to meet their individual skincare/hair removal needs.”

Over Julie’s career, she has worked in many other arenas in the beauty industry as a tutor, technical advisor to a skin care range, trouble shooter to businesses in difficulty, set up clinics for other people as well as the four clinics she has owned over the years.  As the chair for the New Zealand Board of Professional Skin Therapies, Julie strives to safeguard health and hygiene practices to protect clients and is working with central & local government throughout N.Z. to improve industry standards.

To add to her people skills, Julie trained and qualified as a counselor. She uses these additional skills to help her understand her clients’ needs.

If you are seeking a caring, professional therapist to work with you to attain the results you desire, give Julie a call  021 022 94638

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