Facial Treatments

Wherever possible,  I provide a complimentary skin analysis consultation to ensure your skin receives the best treatment and products available.

I can tailor each of the following course of treatments so that the advanced skin care products used matches the characteristics of your skin to achieve the desired result.

Deep Cleansing Treatment                              90min       $135

Pamper yourself and rejuvenate your skin and looks with our eight element Deep Cleansing treatment.

  1. A two stage cleanse to remove make-up residue and oxidized oils
  2. A complimentary eyebrow trim, will enhance the shape of your eyes
  3. A herbal toner to freshen the upper layers of your skin
  4. Fresh, new skin is revealed by exfoliating layers of dead skin cells
  5. An electrical process to cleanse the pores of your skin to allow it to ‘breathe’
  6. A healing, antibacterial ozone to stimulate the natural moisture within the skin tissue
  7. A mask, tailored to your skin’s needs to improve its condition
  8. A final tone and moisturise to rebalance your skin’s Ph and to leave you feeling fully relaxed and radiant.
Acne Treatments                                                  90min       $135

Treatments vary according to products used and the duration of the treatment required to control your type of acne condition.

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